Mohegan Renewable Energy FAQ’s

Who are we?
Mohegan Renewable Energy is an environmentally friendly energy company, owned and operated by the Mohegan Tribe.  With decades of experience in the biomass market, our business acumen allows us to see a clear vision in which we become the premier supplier of environmentally friendly energy products.  Our innovative and forward looking approach has us continuously looking for ways that better meet the needs of our consumers and helps to shape the future of the energy markets.

How can I contact you?
You can contact us by sending an email to info@moheganrenewables.com or by calling us at 855-324-9621.

Where are your plants located?
We have plants that are located in Crossville, Alabama and Jasper, Tennessee.

What is biomass?
Biomass is organic material from plants and animals that contains energy stored from the sun.  When this material is burned, that energy is released as heat.

Why use biomass?
There are a number of reasons to use biomass.  The first and foremost is that biomass is a renewable energy source.  Using sustainable environmental practices, we can ensure that biomass remains an infinite fuel source for the planet’s future energy needs.

It also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Biomass is considered a carbon-neutral energy source by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), which means that the level of carbon released is the same as the amount of carbon absorbed.[1]

Lastly, biomass is a widely available source of energy.  Organic materials used in biomass can be anything from plants, wood chips, yard clippings and solid waste.  Using different techniques, we can harness the energy contained within these materials to provide an abundant amount of power. 

What type of products do you sell and who do you sell them to?
We sell pellets to a wide range of consumers. Our primary focus is on the industrial markets in Europe and Asia but we also sell our products to the international heating markets in those regions.  Furthermore, we produce Myron Mixon BBQ pellets which are sold domestically in the United States.

Where does your fiber come from?
Our fiber comes from forests located in close proximity to our pellet plants. We also leverage residual materials from producers of saw timber and hardwood flooring that we can use in the production of wood pellets.

Do you use whole trees?
We use only a very small amount of whole trees in the production of our wood pellets.  Most of the materials used in the production process are residual materials such as saw dust, shavings, or wood chips which are sourced from local saw mills.  These materials are often non-marketable, and therefore our consumption of this material provides an overall benefit to the fiber markets and avoids landfilling.

How do you ensure that your wood comes from sustainably managed forests? Do you require your suppliers to have sustainable practices in place?
Yes. Mohegan Renewable Energy requires our suppliers to employ sustainable forestry practices. This process is rigorously audited by a third party to guarantee compliance and ensures that our forests remain healthy. 

Do you have a sustainability certificate?
Mohegan Renewable Energy is committed to operating responsibly and currently holds two sustainability certifications.